Equity Investment Philosophy
(What we believe)

Our investment philosophy is derived from Peter Lynch's Golden Rule #5:

EIM believes that the investor obtains the optimal risk-adjusted long-term performance potential by owning a portfolio of equities of companies that have demonstrated profitability and stable earnings growth.

Furthermore, EIM believes that good long-term investment performance is achieved by consistent, disciplined application of the investment philosophy over time.

This means that an investor benefits more from longer-term ownership of  "stable growth" companies than from trading stock for short-term gain.

 Registered Investment Advisor 
Often, there is no correlation between the success of a company's operations and the success of its stock over a few months or even a few years. In the long term, there is a 100 percent correlation between the success of the company and the success of its stock. This disparity is the key to making money; it pays to be patient, and to own successful companies.